About #OklaEd

#OKLAed is a network of Oklahoma educators connecting with one and another via Twitter to share ideas, resources and inspiration.  While this conversation happens 24/7, we host a moderated chat every Sunday at 8 PM CST.  To join, search for the hashtag, #OKLAed in Twitter or use a tool such as Tweetdeck or TweetChat to help follow the discussion.  Each week, a guest moderator helps lead a conversation around new ideas, perspectives or visions of what it means to be an Oklahoma educator.

More than anything, #OKLAed is a community. Because #OklaEd is intended to bring those who care about Oklahoma education together please avoid partisan politics and negative commentary. Of course, policy issues are an important aspect of the educational dialogue, but please help us to promote constructive conversation. Check out this list of #OKLAed participants to connect with them directly. If you have not already added your information, please fill out this brief survey

#OKLAed is organized by a group of passionate educators and only works thanks to the shared leadership of its members. Please join, share, grow, and lead. Please view our moderator guidelines if you are interested in moderating a future Twitter discussion. You can submit your, or someone else's name, to be a future moderator here.

Thank you,
All of us participating in #OKLAed