November 2013
11/03/13 Parental Involvement moderator Sarah Baker @OKPTASARAH 

October 2013
10/27/13 A-F Report Card and Evaluation moderator Shawn Hime @shawnhime

June 2013
06/02/13 Shifting the Monkey w/ Todd Whitaker moderator Kevin Himes @coach57
06/09/13 Creating a Culture of Innovation moderator Leslie Whittington @whittclass

April 2013
04/07/13 Assessment, Data, and Accountability moderator Jason James @James409Jason
04/14/13 Common Core Crowd Source moderator Anne Beck @mrsbeck25
04/21/13 How Can Colleges of Education Better Prepare New Teachers? moderator Toby Brown @tbbrwn 
04/28/13 Keeping Students Engaged Post-Testing moderator Anne Beck @mrsbeck25

March 2013
03-31-2013 The Impact of Legislation and Policy on #OklaEd moderator by Shawn Hime @shawnhime 
3-24-2013 What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like? moderated by @Coach57
3-17-2013 Practical Ways We Can Teach Kids the Practice of Critical Thinking
3-17-2013: 3rd Sunday Polled Chat (Vote Here!) moderated by @TParks 
3-10-2013: Common Core in Oklahoma
3-3-2013: Preparing Students for Successful Future 

February 2013
2-24-2013: General Issues, Twitter, and Future of #OKLAed